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Stained Glass

The stained glass in church windows has always fascinated me. However my first hot inspiration came in 1988 when I lived in the North of Scotland and visited The Findhorn Foundation. Virtually a whole wall of the Universal Hall is composed of a spectacular stained glass wave*. Even now I cannot find the words.

As I stood gazing, awestruck, my then partner whispered to me you can do that, I'll show you how. Thank you Martyn Aldridge, you started me on this beautiful path.

The light and landscapes of Sutherland remain in my heart, inspiring my work.

I have been developing my ideas and skills ever since. In the `90s I exhibited annually for 4 years at Edinburgh Festival and for 4 years at Glastonbury Festival where I also held workshops.

In 2000 I turned to craft working full time and opened my studio / stand at St. Nicholas Markets in Bristol. That year I exhibited at Womad and at the Green Gathering.

In 2003 I exhibited with The Craft Movement at Richmond on Thames.

In Oct 2004 I exhibited at the Bristol Creative Expo.

In 2005 I exhibited at the Beautiful Days festival.

* The stained glass windows in the Universal Hall at Findhorn Community were designed by American artist, James Hubbell.

Tiaras & Beadwork

I started making tiaras in 1998 as a result of studying old paintings and books about the Faeries. Most of them had spangles, crowns or tiaras in their hair. After making some for the stained glass Faeries, it was a natural progression to life-size ones.

The old-school floristry training I had after leaving school in 1972 involved learning intricate wirework techniques for the bridal bouquets and headdresses which were fashionable then. Most modern floristry work is now done with glue guns and those wirework skills have become largely obsolete. Or so I had thought. I started developing ideas using beads, wirework and stained glass skills, sometimes using all three at once. Tiaras happened.

Tiara customers often require matching accessories and the jewellery developed from that.

My clients have included Brides & Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Performers, Drag Queen, Dance, Cyber and Fetish Clubbers, Goths, Ball and Prom Queens, Fairies, Hairstylists (for competitions) and the BBC.
Some clients just love tiaras!


These are the result of exploring light transmission, colour, refraction and reflection.

Sunshine brings the crystals alive, making them fire off gleams and flashes of purest, scintillating colour. Hundreds of intense rainbow spots scatter everywhere. I couldn't resist combining this magical effect with the vividness of stained glass. They complement each other so beautifully.

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Updated: 26th March 2007

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